The Mashup is Live!

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What is a mashup you ask. . . A mashup is this, a simple map api mine is from Google, where I link Posts which are my Wireless ISP’s I have listed with Geo Coordinates into the Google Map.

With this simple Mashup, you can click on the Icons and bring up a snippet of the post and choose to visit the post if you so desire! Now this is a nice way to find your local Wireless provider, but of course it isn’t perfect. My mashup only supports 1 set of Geo coordinates per Post, so large providers are very underrepresented, you need to search for the largest nearby city to see if one is listed or use the regular search if I haven’t updated your provider in your area yet. I promise, I’ll be working to update every provider into the mashup over the next month!

And all future providers of course I’ll Geo Code so they’ll show up by default!

Well I hope you like the mashup. . . feel free to ask if you have any questions. . .

Go to the Mashup Here:


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