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Smartburst Silver

$ ? Contact Provider

?kb – ?kb Contact Provider (Up to 200x faster than dial-up, according to website)

Smartburst Gold

$59.95 –
$ ? Contact Provider

?kb – ?kb Contact Provider (Up to 200x faster than dial-up, according to website)

Texas: Denton, TX, Lake Ray Roberts, TX, Pilot Point, TX, Aubrey, TX, Krugerville, TX, Green Valley, TX, Union Hill, TX, Sanger, TX

3 thoughts on “Smartburst Wireless Internet”

  1. We are a ISP in Wilkes-Barre / Kingston NorthEastern PA. We also are the leading repair company for wireless repairs. Products such as Alvarion, Motorola Canopy, Trango, Tranzeo. We are also sell alot of new and refurbished equipment for wireless ISPs. Please contact us at 866-439-5469 or via email at

  2. Does anyone know how I can tell if my slow broadband connection is down to my pc or my broadband provider (Tiscali)? I ran a speed test here and it tells me I have a download speed of 2.06Mbs and an upload speed of 243 Kbps. My laptop a dell Inspiron 8600, is about 3-4 years old some and I have Windows and is running Windows 2000.

    Any or advice help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi Caroline,
    Here where I am if I was getting 2MB down and 243k up I would be pretty happy in general. That is considered great broadband speed here in most parts of the States. You need to contact Tiscali first if you paid for higher speeds than that. Here in East Texas I was paying $25 a month for 3mb down max and 512k up Guarantee was at 1.5k and 256 though and my speeds were generally around 2Mbs:
    Glad you stopped by: Feel free to comment or email with any other questions:

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