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Time to Go

Thanks for stopping by it’s been a fun decade and a little more. But WISP’s are dwindling pretty quickly a massive market consolidation has been in the works over the past 5 to 6 years and there are fewer and fewer independents out there. Glad you stopped by one last time I’m going to decommission this site effective March 2019 as the ads no longer cover the annual Domain renewal. It was fun while it lasted! See ya around!


Hughes Net small top banner save $100

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Uses 802.16 or WI-MAX

$500 –  Varies by Location



Tier II

See Provider

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Is a “WISP a know nothing with router”

I recently came across this article at PC MAG,2817,2340369,00.asp

“His problem is overcoming the perception that WISPs are just know-nothings with routers. “Sometimes I don’t like the term because people think of it as small-time,” he says. “We have tons of wireless infrastructure. The point is, a WISP can involve hybrid networks bringing infrastructure up a lot quicker than waiting for a phone line.” In fact, one of the company’s top testimonials came from AT&T, which utilized Rapid Systems’ technology to unwire the White House press corps during a presidential visit. Still, Jurman points out that most people’s needs aren’t . . .”

I find that a conception of Wireless Internet Service Provider that is baffeling.  I find the highest problem with a small time WISP is the same problem the big boys have and that is solid customer service.  I believe this balance between providing a profitable service and providing the customer’s definition of good customer service is sometimes a delicate tightrope for a small business to walk.  If you can walk the line so to speak you can do well but in the world of WISP, I believe the future will point to these as the bread and butter of Internet access to rural America and other parts of the world where the cost of wired/fiber optic and the limitations of satellite make these Service Providers kings of their domain.

Glenn Scott

Rapid Link Wireless Broadband Internet

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Wireless Residential DSL

$20 (First 6 Months) $40 thereafter
$ 0

384kb – 1500kb

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WebforMix launches Broadband Wimax Service in Oregon

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$ 350

1000kb – 2000kb

Premium II


2000kb – 4000kb

Premium III


3000kb – 6000kb

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