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Time to Go

Thanks for stopping by it’s been a fun decade and a little more. But WISP’s are dwindling pretty quickly a massive market consolidation has been in the works over the past 5 to 6 years and there are fewer and fewer independents out there. Glad you stopped by one last time I’m going to decommission this site effective March 2019 as the ads no longer cover the annual Domain renewal. It was fun while it lasted! See ya around!

Clearwire lands FCC approval for Wimax Broadband cards

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Clearwire announced yesterday their completion of a legal hurdle by the FCC on-line at  This announcement has cleared the way for them to offer true WIMAX broadband PCMIA and laptop cards for the services nationwide over the Clearwire network.

This is good new for those seeking rural broadband access as Clearwire is constantly improving their network coverage and should get even greater range and mobility as they deploy WIMAX capability.

This information was found at ENGADGET and verified online at

Keep your eyes open and look to another alternative for broadband to pop up in your area!


White spaces = Rural Broadband Wireless?

White Spaces

It could be if a new industry consortium gets its way. And with the big boys setting aside their numerous differences and coming together to support this initiative, it could really gain some traction. (Those big boys are namely Microsoft and Google!)

What does this mean and what is the chatter about. Digital Television! HDTV mandates that in 2009 Analog broadcasts will be shut down. This may leave those in rural areas with fewer choices for TV except Satellite or Cable if they can get it, but it could mean an influx of Wireless Internet Providers. The catch is that Analog television takes a lot more spectrum than a Digital broadcast, this leaves lots of available spectrum for other purposes when the Analog shut off takes place. The White Spaces Coalition seeks to open that spectrum up for Wireless data and internet providers, potentially using it to present all types of data to the rural consumers this white space could serve.

I say good luck, as you can see, there is still lots of room for providers in this market even as the big boys like Sprint and Intel push WiMax, rural broadband is still a stretch for many Americans.

Source: Ars Technica

About the Site

Hello Reader!

I know if you have’nt visited this site before then there’s nothing too suprising about it. But if you have seen in the past you know that there have been some pretty substantial changes!

Remarkably for the past year and half I’ve ran the site bandwidth and information myself without any payment nor donations for time, bandwidth or server space.

Now I wouldn’t have started the site if I couldn’t afford to do this, so don’t feel bad for me, I really wanted to list as many providers as I could on my own nickle. 🙂

This past March, I decided to re-investigate the possibility of offering some advertising on the site. Now I don’t have a large audience so I didn’t have the luxury of selling individual adds to large contributors. . ..

But I did find a solution I hope you don’t find too displeasing or annoying. Google Adsense! The information and ads provided by Google will help this site continue to run for many years into the future. I hope you will consider Google for your own site if you are a publisher or consider advertising on my site if you ar an advertiser. By absolutely no means would I encourage you my faithful readers to click or otherwise artificially inflate my Google Adsense clicks! Don’t do it I plead and beg of you. . . Only click if you are really really interested in an advertiser.

You will also notice my plain jane white search bar is gone replaced with a Google Search, be sure and click to search this site, but feel free to Google the WWW as well.

 Update:!  I found that Google Search on my site was not always returning the level of results and posts that I was expecting it too, therefore causing visitors to miss needed listings of providers.  I’ve moved back to the default WordPress Search which does a much better job of showing every matching post.

Thanks for your time! And again



Thanks for visiting If you have been having trouble getting broadband in your area then this may be the place for you. I was having lots of trouble and decided I would try and share some of the information I found out online for all to find.

So to the right you will see pages with information orgainized by State in the posts you can find or search by your state or city. As users and companies submit Wireless Internet ISP’s I will attempt to add them with the pertinent information and allow user feedback to give a seamless list of providers for your area. Do you not see your area, well that’s what I’m talking about submit it here, and tell your friends and neighbors, because when you are in a rural area, finding affordable Wireless or Broadband Internet can be tough in America.
I’m going to start with Texas and Oklahoma and add providers as I find them. If you have experienced the service sign up and leave a comment. All Comments are moderated to prevent Comment Spam, so you wont’ see it immediately, but I recieve them and will update the site as the comments are approved!

That’s all there is to it. If you have other comments feel free to email and I’ll try and review and publish the links to your providers as soon as possible.

Thanks, for Visisting!

If you have experience with a provider I list please leave your comments they are helpful for all!

If you are a provider and want to be removed just email