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Is a “WISP a know nothing with router”

I recently came across this article at PC MAG,2817,2340369,00.asp

“His problem is overcoming the perception that WISPs are just know-nothings with routers. “Sometimes I don’t like the term because people think of it as small-time,” he says. “We have tons of wireless infrastructure. The point is, a WISP can involve hybrid networks bringing infrastructure up a lot quicker than waiting for a phone line.” In fact, one of the company’s top testimonials came from AT&T, which utilized Rapid Systems’ technology to unwire the White House press corps during a presidential visit. Still, Jurman points out that most people’s needs aren’t . . .”

I find that a conception of Wireless Internet Service Provider that is baffeling.  I find the highest problem with a small time WISP is the same problem the big boys have and that is solid customer service.  I believe this balance between providing a profitable service and providing the customer’s definition of good customer service is sometimes a delicate tightrope for a small business to walk.  If you can walk the line so to speak you can do well but in the world of WISP, I believe the future will point to these as the bread and butter of Internet access to rural America and other parts of the world where the cost of wired/fiber optic and the limitations of satellite make these Service Providers kings of their domain.

Glenn Scott


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