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These are Internet Service Providers that provide Broadband access speeds from 200k and above.

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In North America the internet market is currently sitting at around the 74% penetration level mark, which means around 252 million North American residents have internet access. Of that percentage, around 90 million have broadband access and wireless broadband is beginning to play a large part in the North American market. Like other broadband markets most North American providers will offer free wireless broadband equipment like wireless routers to new customers in order to provide access to the internet around the home without invasive network cabling. The US and Canada both consider themselves to be world leaders when it comes to broadband connectivity and in recent years the proliferation of fibre optic services offering faster connections have been able to take the US market even further towards the ideal. The North American broadband market has also fully embraced the idea of Wi-Fi hotspots, with cities and suburban areas well serviced with such connectivity options. Some require subscription or payment whilst others are free to access. Wi-Fi in North America has been used to tackle issues such as the expensive nature of landline broadband in areas of poverty.

North America was some way behind Europe when it comes to Mobile Broadband. Whilst 3G and HSDPA is common in EU states, North America was still largely operating using 2G networks which offer much slower transfer speeds. However, 2009 has seen an overall improvement in the availabitliy and cost of high speed mobile broadband. Verizon Wireless is one of the USA`s leading mobile broadband providers and will be pushing the availability and speed of their mobile broadband service over the coming years. Mobile broadband is just one of the many low cost wireless broadband solutions which is going to play an integral part in the spread of broadband into every North American home.

The future of wireless broadband and the fates of the next big wireless broadband providers in North America will lie with WiMAX technology. Major providers like Sprint and Nextel are already slated to be the most common providers of WiMAX technology, which is essential Wi-Fi broadcast on a much larger scale and offering considerably faster download speeds. However, there are many competing licencese of WiMAX frequencies and as such subscribers to difference WiMAX providers outside of the obvious large telecommunications companies are predicted to number in the 10s of millions by 2012. The 4th generation of mobile communications networking will also be commonly available by 2012 and 2010 is expected to be the starting date for widespread trials by the largest North American providers. Experts also expect to see, as you might expect, considerable focus on the business and governmental applications of wireless broadband technologies like WiMAX over the first few years after their inception. Consumer products may take a little longer to reach the North American market, though there is little doubt that when they do wireless broadband will be at the forefront of internet connectivity. What makes wireless broadband so attractive is the fact that there is no need to install the technology in individual home or by tearing up streets or erecting telegraph poles.

Is a “WISP a know nothing with router”

I recently came across this article at PC MAG,2817,2340369,00.asp

“His problem is overcoming the perception that WISPs are just know-nothings with routers. “Sometimes I don’t like the term because people think of it as small-time,” he says. “We have tons of wireless infrastructure. The point is, a WISP can involve hybrid networks bringing infrastructure up a lot quicker than waiting for a phone line.” In fact, one of the company’s top testimonials came from AT&T, which utilized Rapid Systems’ technology to unwire the White House press corps during a presidential visit. Still, Jurman points out that most people’s needs aren’t . . .”

I find that a conception of Wireless Internet Service Provider that is baffeling.  I find the highest problem with a small time WISP is the same problem the big boys have and that is solid customer service.  I believe this balance between providing a profitable service and providing the customer’s definition of good customer service is sometimes a delicate tightrope for a small business to walk.  If you can walk the line so to speak you can do well but in the world of WISP, I believe the future will point to these as the bread and butter of Internet access to rural America and other parts of the world where the cost of wired/fiber optic and the limitations of satellite make these Service Providers kings of their domain.

Glenn Scott

Why the Sprint and Clearwire deal matters to me:

Recently Sprint and Clearwire announced their on again off again relationship was on again:

No usually large scale deals between companies bears little significance to everyones day to day life. But not this deal, not this time. Sprint’s and Clearwire’s agreement puts them in the drivers seat to possibly launch the largest broadband wireless internet provider in the nation using state of the art WiMax technology. This technology backed by industry heavyweights like Intel, Microsoft and Sprint have pitted the otherwise small Nextel/Sprint clearly in a let’s push our advantage against the larger incumbents including AT&T and Verizon.

If you look at you can get an idea of the competition we are looking at for the Broadband Internet, Phone and even cable duopolies currently operating in much of the Country. Not to mention the literally millions of people left in the Internet dark ages from their homes due to cost and lack of availability of inexpensive broadband.

What does this mean to you and to me? Well it means more opportunity, more availability and better communication and information for all. It means rural customers won’t be left in the lurch depending on dial up when you offer up an informative video, pdf or other online documentation of your product and service. Did you want to see that horse I had for sale, oh a brochure, sure just send it to me in the mail. A few days or a week later when it comes, does the customer even want to see your horse now?

There are innovations and opportunities afforded by a new universal broadband that were inconceivable before the proliferation of the Internet age, but now that Google and Microsoft are two of the largest profit based US companies even outstripping GM, Ford and many other previous stalwarts.

In the short term Sprint and Clearwire (Clearwire Wireless) plans to launch Broadband Wireless using Wimax technology throughout the United States in Select markets.

“Sprint, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks will enter into wholesale agreements with the new Clearwire, becoming 4G providers of new Clearwire’s mobile WiMAX service.”
from the Press release – what does that mean? It means you can expect expanded service offerings from Comcast, Time Warner and Bright House to rebrand Clearwire’s service into homes throughout the country.

Since this deal doesn’t cement until the 4th quarter this year roll outs are only scheduled in a few select markets

But keep tabs on Clearwire, they have more Wireless Broadband Access than any other current provider and this step looks to have them leap frog over the competition. Well at least until Verizon and AT&T roll out LTE (Long Term Evolution)



The Mashup is Live!

What is a mashup you ask. . . A mashup is this, a simple map api mine is from Google, where I link Posts which are my Wireless ISP’s I have listed with Geo Coordinates into the Google Map.

With this simple Mashup, you can click on the Icons and bring up a snippet of the post and choose to visit the post if you so desire! Now this is a nice way to find your local Wireless provider, but of course it isn’t perfect. My mashup only supports 1 set of Geo coordinates per Post, so large providers are very underrepresented, you need to search for the largest nearby city to see if one is listed or use the regular search if I haven’t updated your provider in your area yet. I promise, I’ll be working to update every provider into the mashup over the next month!

And all future providers of course I’ll Geo Code so they’ll show up by default!

Well I hope you like the mashup. . . feel free to ask if you have any questions. . .

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