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Is a “WISP a know nothing with router”

I recently came across this article at PC MAG,2817,2340369,00.asp

“His problem is overcoming the perception that WISPs are just know-nothings with routers. “Sometimes I don’t like the term because people think of it as small-time,” he says. “We have tons of wireless infrastructure. The point is, a WISP can involve hybrid networks bringing infrastructure up a lot quicker than waiting for a phone line.” In fact, one of the company’s top testimonials came from AT&T, which utilized Rapid Systems’ technology to unwire the White House press corps during a presidential visit. Still, Jurman points out that most people’s needs aren’t . . .”

I find that a conception of Wireless Internet Service Provider that is baffeling.  I find the highest problem with a small time WISP is the same problem the big boys have and that is solid customer service.  I believe this balance between providing a profitable service and providing the customer’s definition of good customer service is sometimes a delicate tightrope for a small business to walk.  If you can walk the line so to speak you can do well but in the world of WISP, I believe the future will point to these as the bread and butter of Internet access to rural America and other parts of the world where the cost of wired/fiber optic and the limitations of satellite make these Service Providers kings of their domain.

Glenn Scott

Connected Nation Estimates Nationwide Broadband Adoption Could Pump 134 Billion Dollars into the Economy

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Now I know why all my friends in Kentucky don’t visit my site! 🙂 This great site allows Kentucky residents to plot and find there local broadband provider. It has great tools and a feature set to allow quite a range of searches to be performed!

If you live in Kentucky and you don’t find a provider here! 🙂 Then head on over and get he latest information directly online!

This Connect Kentucky project has spurred a national organization that is seeking to spur broadband roll outs and adoption througout the country. They just released a startling report indicating the American economy could be losing out on 134 Billion dollars annually by a mild uptake in broadband adoption. In fact the report states:

“Connected Nation provides convincing evidence that the benefits of broadband adoption
spill over to society as a whole,” said Dr. Robert D. Atkinson, president of the Information
Technology & Innovation Foundation. “Moreover, the report rightly concludes that public
policies to spur broadband are critical to ensure the best possible broadband future for the
United States.”

This in-depth analysis and study of programs from around the country reiterate the importance of providing and fostering broadband internet growth beyond the telcos and cable companies to all of Rural and unreached America.

If you want to read the report for yourself head on over to: Connect Nation In-Depth Broadband Report If you are interested in checking out what Connect America is doing you can visit them at

See ya online!

Motorola Bets big in Wimax and gets the interview

Chief Technology Officer Padamsree Warrior Padamsree Warrior retells why she thinks Motorola is onto something big with Wimax!

“The reason we’re excited about WiMAX is because I think it is a disruptor. . . It is very affordable and as a result, you can now connect rural areas and metro areas. Furthermore, it is complimentary with existing technologies.”

EXCLUSIVE! Interview with the Owner of East Texas’s hottest Wireless Provider Go-Zoe Wireless with Ashton Closner!

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GoZoe Wireless Logo

Go Zoe Wireless provides broadband access throughout East Texas and I’ve secured and exclusive e-mail interview.

1. How long have you been interested in technology and providing wireless
internet in particular?

Ashton: 5 yrs at least

2. What experiences have prepared you for running Gozoe Wireless today?

Ashton: Truly just running any business helps and Ihave managed and run 4
businesses in different fields before buying my own Computer retail store.
I have also done a lot of simple wireless networks in homes and estates
involving indoor and outdoor having lots of problems which equates to lots
of research and learning.

3. What areas do you serve currently?

Ashton: Marshall, Scottsville, Woodlawn, Leigh community, Shadowood estates, Cross
Roads, Hidden Lake and Underwood Road, Industrial Park, ETBU Campus.

4. Where are you planning to expand to next?
Ashton: Elysian Fields, Harleton, Jefferson, Hallsville, Carthage, Waskom.

5. What are the advantages of your service over satellite or other
broadband providers?

Ashton: We are not only the least expensive “last mile” solution we are by far the
fastest or largest bandwidth capable solution. We have extremely low
latency for gamers which is a real problem for satellite also VPN
connections for businesses drop with high latency.

6. What does your service generally cost?

Ashton: Basic Residential is $49.95/month

7. What are the installation fees if any?


8. How fast is your service? What is the upload and download?

Ashton: Dedicated 512 up and down bursting to 1.5MB up and down
we can give up to 10/MB

9. What made East Texas a popular market you thought needed to be served?

Ashton: Basically no one else was doing it and the 900MHZ frequency just got solid
and affordable which is necessary because of the thick foliage in East

10. I know you recently blanketed the campus of East Texas Baptist
University with Wireless Access, what can you say about this partnership
agreement and how it benefits the Faculty, Students and Staff at the

Ashton: This is a unique situation we are taking an undue load from the
University’s IT department which found itself supporting an entertainment technology more than a research tool. Which is more our specialty plus we were able to stay in our specialty by providing something it did notcurrent ly have wireless everywhere on campus. We also are going to provide
more than twice the bandwidth the students currently have access to now.

11. Do you foresee the need to acquire wireless spectrum such as that
being vacated by Analog Television broadcasts to secure your niche wireless
access for the Rural East Texas consumer?

Ashton: No there is not a problem or not too much in the unlicensed bands yet.

12. How then do you feel you can continue to compete when large carriers
are sure to roll out WIMAX in the future?

Ashton: First of all we are already here it will be hard to convince people to drop
a first class system that is working well. Plus cost for Wimax won’t be
cheap at first.

13. What advantages does your service currently offer, over your current competition?

Ashton: We can install very quickly and go where many of them cannot and the ones that can go everywhere we strongly outperform.

14. What do you foresee as your competitive edge as other carriers roll out Wimax nationwide?

Ashton: We are wimax ready when it is cost effective and widespread we can change a radio card in our Access points and we are wimax ready just that simple. We are completely wimax ready at ETBU.

13. I know your service provides Internet for many areas of East Texas,
what is your service’s contact information for anyone that’s interested?

Gozoe Wireless LLP
2660 east end blvd S.
suite 113
Marshall, texas 75672

Daily Wireless Reports (Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland All to get Wireless Internet!)

According to Daily Wireless, The Colorado Wireless Communities is launching a large scale Nortel Mesh network in the I25 corridor slated to open in 2008.

This mesh network is slated to be provided by FRII Wireless and the CWC has already appropriated funding of nearly $134k for the project.

This could be great news as FRII plans to offer 30 minutes of access on 802.11b/g for Free! With monthly plans beginning at $29.99 or possibly less.

Good luck to Colorado and to those in the proposed corridor!