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One thought on “Submit Your Wireless Broadband Provider!”

  1. Dear Findwirelessinternet,
    This might be off topic, however, I live in Townsville. Have used dial up internet until 25/8/08. Signed up for OPTUS Fusion wireless plan (cable unavailable) Since then, unable to stay connected for more than 10 minutes. (Peak times cannot connect at all.) OPTUS Tech support appear to be trying to help. My case has been referred to LEADING Tech Support, but when I ring Tech support for an update on my case, the OPTUS operator has the same problem as the rest of us.( In today’s case the operator put me on hold whilst she tried to get some answers. After 15 minutes she apologised and said that she was still in a queue to speak to Leading Tech Support.)

    Still no answers. I am very interested to get feedback from other disappointed OPTUS wireless Broadband customers

    Note; The Tech Support staff at the initial contact level have all tried to be very helpful. I get the impression that they are almost as frustrated as me.

    PS so far have had to repair connection 8 times to submit this
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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